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A property purchase is often the single largest investment made by an individual or business. Fully appraising the acquisition process in terms of the risks involved enables an informed view to be taken. Assessing a building’s condition forms part of this important process.

Hyde Harrington provides specialist advice both prior to purchase and also once a building is in use. Areas covered include:

Building surveys

Pre-acquisition surveys for commercial and residential properties including specific defect reports and analysis. Assessment of budget costs and repair programmes.

Disability Discrimination Act

Acting for property owners and tenants alike in providing Access Audits and, if necessary, confirming budget costs for proposed alterations and a timescale for the improvements to comply with the latest legislation.

Reinstatement cost valuations

Acting for policyholders or insurance companies in the preparation of a valuation for the reinstatement of properties, including the measurement and drawing of the premises and the quantification of potential losses if required.

Schedules of condition & Schedules of dilapidation

Advising landlords or tenants upon the current condition of their premises prior to entering into a lease agreement along with an indication of the cost of repairs and actual losses arising upon the termination of tenancies, including assessing diminution in value.

Planned maintenance programmes

Advising portfolio holders upon repairs to their property stock for the next ten, twenty or thirty years along with an indication of the likely repair costs over the specified period.

For advice on surveys, please contact Scott Harrington: Email [email protected].