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Social Housing

Property owned by Registered Social Landlords, Arms Length Management Organisations and Local Authorities is often both their largest asset and largest expense. Organisations with multiple property assets require those assets to be managed to the maximum benefit of the business plan and corporate goals.

Hyde Harrington’s multi-disciplinary Social Housing team provides advice to the housing sector in many areas, including:

  • Stock investment planning
  • Sample stock condition surveys
  • Partnering
  • Project co-ordination
  • Strategic advice
  • Procurement
  • Asset management software
  • Decent Homes
  • Planning works packages
  • Planned maintenance
  • Board reports
  • Tenant publications
  • Estate investment plans
  • Option appraisals

Since the mid-1990s, Hyde Harrington has worked closely with a number of housing organisations and local authorities in assisting them to effectively develop and deliver their stock investment and asset management strategies whilst stratifying both resource and budget requirements.

We understand that social landlords have a wide ranging and ongoing commitment to their tenants to ensure that they live in a sustainable and healthy community that not only improves their quality of life but which is also appealing and safe to live in.

From providing consultation and support to developing effective investment plans to meet regulatory requirements, through to project co-ordination and partnering arrangements, together with housing management data support, we can provide a mixed and diverse range of services to assist housing organisations meet their organisational needs.

We can also produce graphical estate investment plans that efficiently and informatively communicate our clients’ proposals to the people that need to know – i.e. tenants, staff, board members and external organisations.

For advice on social housing, please contact Scott Harrington: Email scottharrington@hydeharrington.co.uk.